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NEO Endurance has in addition to iRacing’s sporting code a set of sporting regulations specifically for the NEO Endurance Series.
NES3 Sporting Regulations
Latest version: 3.2

In addition to the Sporting Regulations, NEO now also have some Registrations Regulations. In this document are more details and instructions about how to register.
NES3 Registrations Regulations
Latest version 2.0

Below is a brief summary of the rules for the NEO Endurance Series.

Composition of the teams

Every team/car must have at least 2 drivers and cannot have more than 7 drivers in every race.

Driving times

A single driver may not drive for more than 70% of the completed laps by the team’s car.

When the maximum driving time is exceeded by a driver, an amount of laps equal to the exceeded amount shall be subtracted from the completed number of laps of this team.

Points structure

Pos Points Pos Points
1 20 9 7
2 16 10 6
3 14 11 5
4 12 12 4
5 11 13 3
6 10 14 2
7 9 15 1
8 8 16 0

Points will be awarded only if the team car has been classified.

Double points will be rewarded for the final race at Le Mans. Position 16th and onwards will score one (1) point, when classified.

Conditions for classification

To be classified a car must complete a minimum 70% distance of their respective leading class car, minimum two drivers must have participated, and all drivers have to meet the maximum driving time.

MSF Challenge

To encourage clean driving, we have the MSF Challenge each race. iRacing keeps track of incidents and each incident is weighted differently. A couple of examples are: light contact (0x), off-track (1x), loss of control (2x) and contact with an other driver (4x).

The car that has the least amount of incident points, in its class, at the end of the race will win the MSF Challenge and $10 in prize money.


Track limits

All cars will be tracked for exceeding track limits. Cars not respecting track limits for on a consistent basis will be penalized by race control.