NEO Endurance is looking for at least one race steward for race control during the NES races who understand what it takes to lead a multi class endurance race. Stewards monitor and control on track activities to ensure the smooth and safe running of the event accordance with the NEO Endurance Sporting Regulations.

Preferably NEO is looking for full time stewards. Full time means being able to be in race control for the whole race. It is also possible to be a part time steward. This means somebody will be in race control when this person is not racing. In both cases it is important a steward stays objectice under any circumstances.

– Monitor on track racing.
– Review any incidents and possibly give a matching penalty.
– Communicate with the teams during the race.

– Good judgement and decision making skills.
– Stay objective when reviewing incidents.
– Able to communicate in English (listening, written, and verbal).

If you are interested to be a part of NEO race control, send an e-mail to with your personal information and why you want to be a part of the crew. The new steward will get some training with our regulations before the first event of NES. As a compensation for being a steward, besides being a part of a big league and great race control team, we offer a small amount of money for your work, but bear in mind being a steward in NEO is mainly voluntarily.