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Postcards from Silverstone

The first ever points-paying NEO-sanctioned race at Silverstone saw this season’s 24H SERIES ESPORTS teams tackle the famous British circuit for six hours of action in Abbey, battles through Becketts, and clashes at Chapel. The result was a familiar one in two of the classes…


Race Preview: 6H SILVERSTONE

After four seasons as NEO’s warm-up act, Silverstone has a fresh facelift and is ready for its time to shine in the 24H SERIES ESPORTS as it hosts its first regular-season race this Sunday. Our team representatives from all three classes shared their thoughts amid…

10 turns

10 Turns with Aldo Massa

Welcome to the second edition of 10 Turns in this 24H SERIES ESPORTS season. Today we’re talking with Aldo Massa from the GT3 class. He’s a free agent at the moment, but he’s coming off one of the best drives of the season so far,…


Postcards from COTA

Earlier this month, the 24H SERIES ESPORTS made its lone visit to the United States in the Lone Star State, no less. In this race, though, there was anything but a lone star in the GT3 class. The top two teams were rarely separated by…