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NES pre-qualifying

All teams without an invitation will have to participate in pre-qualifying, to be assessed by the organisation. The teams will be assessed by their speed and traffic management.

New for this season is the change of the pre-qualifying procedure. Prior there was only one session, with traffic. Pre-qualifying is split into two stages for season 5.

Stage 1

Each class will have their own session. Two drivers of each entry need to complete at least 5 consecutive clean laps in a session.

You can try setting a time in as many of the sessions as you want, but each time you enter a new session you are revoking your previous best time.

After the sessions the entries will be ranked by average laptime of the fastest stint from two drivers. The 51 fastest entries advance to stage 2.

Stage 1 details

Date: September 9th
Session start times (in GMT): 08:00, 12:00, 17:00, 20:00
Circuit (lay-out): Silverstone (Grand Prix)
Weather: default
Time of day: afternoon
Track state: 100%

Stage 2

Stage 2 is a 120 minute race to assess the entries on their racecraft. Live race control will be available. The top 3 in each class advance to the grid, if they did not receive a warning or penalty during the race. Other entries will be selected based on the results and driving standards.

Stage 2 details

Date: September 23rd
Start time: 14:00 GMT
Circuit (lay-out): Silverstone (Grand Prix)
Weather: TBD
Time of day: afternoon
Race length: 120 minutes