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iRacing 2017 season 4 build

Posted: Sep 6 at 15:45   /   News, release notes

It’s September again. This means two things: the start of the new NEO Endurance Series (NES) season is close and a new build for iRacing.

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General development – round #6

Posted: Aug 14 at 12:00   /   News

It is time for another development blog post. The last post was from 2(!) years ago. A lot has changed since then, not only with NEO Endurance but also in my personal life

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NEO looking for race stewards

Posted: Jul 12 at 20:00   /   News

NEO Endurance is looking for at least one race steward for race control during the NES races who understand what it takes to lead a multi class endurance race.

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NEO Endurance partners with DGFX Racing

Posted: Jun 7 at 22:02   /   News

NEO Endurance is happy to announce a new partnership with iRacing league DGFX Racing.

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iRacing 2017 season 3 build

Posted: Jun 6 at 19:01   /   News, release notes

June is an exciting time for race fans. June is Le Mans and for iRacers it also means a new build! In March iRacing released dirt racing. It was quiet for a long time on what will be in this build.

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iRacing 2017 season 2 patch

Posted: Mar 16 at 14:17   /   News, release notes

iRacing released a patch today, which will bring a lot of tweaks and fixes to the sim. Read more here.

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iRacing 2017 season 2 build

Posted: Mar 6 at 23:01   /   News, release notes

iRacing released the build notes a day before the deployment of the season 2 build. Unfortunately dirt racing is not a part of this build, but iRacing has stated they are close to releasing it. This build will have a lot of updates and improvements to the software.

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Sim-Lab GT1 rig review

Posted: Dec 31 at 14:02   /   News

If you are looking to upgrade your sim rig to something strong and versatile, then 80/20 profile is something for you. Read here our review on the Sim-Lab GT1 rig.

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NEO Endurance joins ISRF

Posted: Dec 14 at 21:12   /   News

With eSports and sim racing growing rapidly, time has come to structure sim racing across a multitude of simulators and countries. Therefore, the International Sim Racing Federation has sprung from initiators from various backgrounds.

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