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NEO looking for race stewards

Posted: Jul 12 at 20:00   /   News

NEO Endurance is looking for at least one race steward for race control during the NES races who understand what it takes to lead a multi class endurance race.

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NEO Endurance partners with DGFX Racing

Posted: Jun 7 at 22:02   /   News

NEO Endurance is happy to announce a new partnership with iRacing league DGFX Racing.

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iRacing 2017 season 3 build

Posted: Jun 6 at 19:01   /   News, release notes

June is an exciting time for race fans. June is Le Mans and for iRacers it also means a new build! In March iRacing released dirt racing. It was quiet for a long time on what will be in this build.

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iRacing 2017 season 2 patch

Posted: Mar 16 at 14:17   /   News, release notes

iRacing released a patch today, which will bring a lot of tweaks and fixes to the sim. Read more here.

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iRacing 2017 season 2 build

Posted: Mar 6 at 23:01   /   News, release notes

iRacing released the build notes a day before the deployment of the season 2 build. Unfortunately dirt racing is not a part of this build, but iRacing has stated they are close to releasing it. This build will have a lot of updates and improvements to the software.

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Sim-Lab GT1 rig review

Posted: Dec 31 at 14:02   /   News

If you are looking to upgrade your sim rig to something strong and versatile, then 80/20 profile is something for you. Read here our review on the Sim-Lab GT1 rig.

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NEO Endurance joins ISRF

Posted: Dec 14 at 21:12   /   News

With eSports and sim racing growing rapidly, time has come to structure sim racing across a multitude of simulators and countries. Therefore, the International Sim Racing Federation has sprung from initiators from various backgrounds.

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iRacing 2017 season 1 build

Posted: Dec 5 at 22:01   /   News, release notes

It’s december again and this means two things: Christmas is coming and iRacing will deploy their 2017 season 1 build. This build has multiple enhancements and improvements to the software and overall service. As expected, there is no new content.  Just updates and improvements. The developers have introduced World State Triple Buffering, which should eliminate […]

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iRacing 2016 season 4 build

Posted: Sep 2 at 21:13   /   News, release notes

Circuit de la Sarthe is finally here! The circuit of the legendary 24 hour race is the other holy grail for endurance race fans and iRacing has finally an highly detailed virtual version of this iconic track. This track will also be used for the big finale of the NEO Endurance Series.   Updates Some […]

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