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Release notes: 2018 season 3 patch 1

Posted: Jun 14 at 15:24   /   News, release notes

iRacing released their first patch of the season, after already releasing a hot fix last week. Read the full release notes of this patch below. Change log Connectivity  IPv6 network protocol connection fallback to IPv4 now occurs automatically. When connecting the Simulation to an online session, the Simulation has the ability to use either the […]

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Release notes: 2018 season 3 hotfix 1

Posted: Jun 7 at 15:02   /   News, release notes

After the release of the new build last season, iRacing is releasing an hot fix today. Below you find the release notes for this hot fix. Change log iRacing BETA Interface When creating a Hosted Event through the iRacing BETA Interface, you can now specify a Starting Track Usage for different Sessions within the event, […]

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Release notes: iRacing 2018 season 3

Posted: Jun 5 at 15:42   /   News, release notes

It’s June. The month of the biggest endurance race of the year, the 24 hours of Le Mans. It’s also the month where iRacing release they season 3 build. The temperatures are rising outside, but with this great new build you can avoid the heat and sunburn. New content It has been 6 month since […]

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Release notes: iRacing 2018 season 1 hotfix

Posted: Dec 7 at 18:47   /   News, release notes

iRacing released a hotfix today, after the new build was released last week. You can read the full release notes below. CHANGE LOG: Membersite Heat Racing is now considered a Session Type within the Popular Races Guide. Heat Racing Sessions for Series and Hosted are now additionally indicated with a flame icon. The “Launch Beta […]

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Release notes: iRacing 2018 season 1 build

Posted: Dec 4 at 21:10   /   News, release notes

The weather outside is frightful and the new iRacing build is delightful. Another iRacing season has passed and it’s time for a new build. While everybody is getting ready for the holidays, iRacing members discover the latest toys and updates in this new build. New content Not long after the release of dirt oval racing, […]

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iRacing 2017 season 4 build

Posted: Sep 6 at 15:45   /   News, release notes

It’s September again. This means two things: the start of the new NEO Endurance Series (NES) season is close and a new build for iRacing.

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General development – round #6

Posted: Aug 14 at 12:00   /   News

It is time for another development blog post. The last post was from 2(!) years ago. A lot has changed since then, not only with NEO Endurance but also in my personal life

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NEO looking for race stewards

Posted: Jul 12 at 20:00   /   News

NEO Endurance is looking for at least one race steward for race control during the NES races who understand what it takes to lead a multi class endurance race.

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NEO Endurance partners with DGFX Racing

Posted: Jun 7 at 22:02   /   News

NEO Endurance is happy to announce a new partnership with iRacing league DGFX Racing.

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