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10 turns, Media

10 Turns with Ronny Nunez

Welcome everyone to the final edition of 10 Turns for NEO season five. I’m joined today by Ronny Nunez, who was part of Torque Freak Racing’s P2 team that won the season finale at Le Mans and finished second in the class championship. Corey Davis:…

10 turns, Media

10 Turns with Joris Thielen

Welcome everyone to another edition of 10 Turns. Today, we’re joined by Joris Thielen. He’s from Team Buschfink Racing, and we’ve talked about Joris a lot this season in our race preview articles because he is a NEO veteran and a former winner, especially in…

10 turns, Media

10 Turns with Nick Rowland

On this edition of 10 Turns, we’re talking with Nick Rowland from the Wyvern Racing P1 team. They’re coming off their best finish of their season, a fourth-place result at Suzuka. Corey Davis: Nick, well done to you and your team on that result and thanks…